What’s a Jellywaffle

Hi everyone, I’m Shelley, one of the developers here at Jellywaffle. Elliot has been telling me to write a blog post so here we are. Pretty sure he was probably expecting something more technical though. Oh well.

So why exactly are we called Jellywaffle? There’s two parts to that. First, Jelly was something a friend of mine came up with a while ago. It combined our names – Jonathan, Elliot and Shelley – into a nice simple word. We were all at lunch one day, trying to come up with names and were pretty stuck. I told them about Jelly and no one objected. Now I love waffles. In fact, I would pretty much suggest waffles for lunch every week. I guess I had waffles on my mind so I just said waffles as a joke. At some point, someone just said Jellywaffle and that was it. Jellywaffle was born. (I don’t think we really had many other name ideas.)

I will end this post with a photo of some of the waffles I’ve had recently. Enjoy.


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